Death Knight Game - Devlog 1

Images in this post look like ass, I know. 11ty is doing something weird to my screenshots. Working on it.

DKG Screenshot 1

I've been working on this for a few months and it's approaching the point where I'm still embarassed about it, but it's complete enough to show. So here we go.

You are a death knight, a cultist that worships the sweet release of death and tries to grant it where it has been stolen. Deep in the empty, drained desert you hear rumour of a tomb filled with creatures that make a mockery of life, undead entities alive long beyond their years. So it's your job to make things right. Same setting as the Thirst of Untus series

It's a sidescrolling action game. I hesitate to call it a Metroidvania because I'm keeping the scope deliberately small -- don't expect hundreds of hours. Probably don't expect hundreds of minutes.

DKG Screenshot 2

The character art is by Luiz Melo, the background pixel art is all by myself.

What I've got so far is the ability to traverse all of the levels, some basic cinematics, lighting, attacking and getting attacked, and today I've implemented some basic saving and loading

What I've got left are things like sound and music, environmental hazards, some better means of traversal and better background art. Once those are done I might go for a release, at least of the first two (very short) levels.

DKG Screenshot 3