Beginnings and Endings

Beginnings #

A beginning is a delicate time, or so the old lie tells us. It isn't, not really, and the belief that beginnings are some delicate, porcelain thing that will shatter with rough handling is, I think, largely responsible for the books that don't get written, the art that doesn't get made. And let me tell you, I've not written an awful lot of books in my time.

Anyway. Lossn and Meridie vol. 1 is available from amazon, and I've got a scifi book collection in progress, to be followed with Lossn and Meridie vol. 2. My big roadblock with this is writing the sales copy for each book, which is the sort of writing I hate (Marketing. Ugh).

I'm also probably going to switch to a psuedonym that's easier to spell.

Endings #

So what is ending? Well, everything it feels like, as we hurtle towards nuclear armageddon and/or viral desolation. The end times are upon us, but 'twas ever thus. I've been reading The Bright Ages lately which serves as a good reminder of the original meaning of apocalypse -- which is to say revelation. So perhaps these dangerous, deadly times serve as a revelation of more fundamental truths as well as an age of horrendous sorrow.

I don't know where I'm going with this, I only really wanted to test my blogging software (11ty) and its deployment pipeline. Maybe I'm a bit tired.