The Thirst of Untus and other stories

The Thirst of Untus cover

Six centuries ago, the Untal sea drained, leaving a blasted desert in its wake. In those six centuries, the sun-addled desert Damn'd have learned to scratch a living in the outer desert, leaving the deeper wastes to the whales, and other, stranger creatures.

This collection comprises three short stories:

The Thirst of Untus #

Lossn is a priest, dedicated to the god Untus, who drowns in the air at the desert's heart. He must take a barrel of fresh water in an act of benediction. Along the way, he meets Meridie, a young girl with an old soul.

The Archimandrite of the Shale Sea #

On the edge of the desert lies a village that much choose between civilization and the harsh living on the deep desert. The noble Lord Sonnhra seeks to help feed and clothe the people, but does he possess ulterior motives? The Archimandrite must decide.

The Shame of Old Fourlegs #

In the deep desert a wheeled ship named Old Fourlegs sails the ancient ways. What does is aging captain seek? What guilt does she bare? Content Note: this book contains violence and discussion of slavery.

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